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    The International Hungarian Military History Preservation Society Lifetime Membership Badge is awarded for the highest level of outstanding, inspirational and exemplary service in the preservation of Hungarian military history.  Designed with the elegant bullion-embroidered order stars of antiquity in mind, these hand-made badges, each containing over 300 hand-sewn sequins and 10cm in diameter, are awarded by the President of the IHMHPS, and are accompanied by a Membership Badge in gold. 


      A series of awards to recognize meritorious and long-term service rendered to the International Hungarian Military History Preservation Society.  The Bronze, Silver and Gold IHMHPS Service Crosses are traditional tokens of sincere gratitude and heartfelt camaraderie for IHMHPS members who offer continued support to the association, and who actively participate in the service of its interests.  The crosses are suspended from traditional tri-fold moiré ribbons, each representing one of the colours of the Hungarian national flag.  The overall design is based on classic patterns and symbols, yet displays modern, dynamic elements.  The sword is central, recalling military heritage, and the torch of knowledge remains uppermost, declaring the desire to further interest and understanding. The letter “V” decorates each arm of the cross in tribute to the society’s beginnings as the Vancouver Chapter of the World Federation of Hungarian Veterans.

Awards are made according to a point system: 5 points must be earned for the bronze, 10 for the silver, and 15 for the gold cross.*

     Each year of membership in the IHMHPS is worth 1 point.
     A full length article, published in the Magyar Front, is worth 1 point.
     A professional quality Hungarian military historical display, presented to the public, is worth from 1 to 2 points (depending on its size and duration).
     Publishing a book, recognized as being of acceptable quality, accuracy and integrity, on Hungarian military history is worth from 1 to 3 points.
     The donation of an item to the Hungarian Military History Institute and Museum,  that is of important historical significance, and is either missing from the museum's collection or the museum is in need of the item, is worth from 1 to 3 points.
     Additional points may be awarded, at the discretion of the IHMHPS President, for exemplary dedication and service to the IHMHPS.  Only IHMHPS members (including honorary and lifetime members) are eligible to receive the Service Crosses.

*Points for years of service will be awarded from the beginning of 2009.
Membership dues cannot be paid in advance or retroactively to earn points for years of service.
All other service points are awarded retroactively from July of 2008. 


      The IHMHPS 2014-2018 Cross is an award to honour those very few individuals who, after 100 years, still care enough to dedicate their lives to the understanding of one of humanity’s most complex and puzzling subjects – the First World War.  The IHMHPS 2014-2018 Cross will be awarded over the 2014-2018 centenary years. It is a 35mm black-enamelled, gold cross inspired by the Austro-Hungarian World War I frontline service medal, the Emperor’s Troops Cross (Károly csapatkereszt in Hungarian, Karl Truppenkreuz in German), issued by the monarch from 1916. The dates of the centenary and “IHMHPS” are on the obverse of the cross, and “for dedication to historical preservation” is engraved on the reverse.
     The unique tri-fold 40mm ribbon also pays homage to the past. The bright green represents the colour of the badges of the Hungarian Frontline Fighters’ Association, while the black represents the mourning of the tragedy that was the First World War.  

IHMHPS members (regular and honorary) will be awarded the IHMHPS 2014-2018 Cross:

     If they have significantly contributed to the understanding of a particular field of Hungarian and/or Austro-Hungarian World War I military history;
     If they have initiated and developed an IHMHPS 2014-2018 commemorative project;
     If they have earned a total of 5 credits* toward the issue of the IHMHPS 2014-2018 Cross.

Non-members are also eligible:

     If they earn a total of 5 credits toward the issue of the IHMHPS 2014-2018 Cross; or if they have significantly contributed to the understanding of a particular field of Hungarian and/or Austro-Hungarian World War I military history, and regularly work in cooperation with the IHMHPS;
     If they have initiated and developed an IHMHPS 2014-2018 commemorative project.
      The President of the IHMHPS may award the 2014-2018 Cross at his discretion to any member or non-member who has consistently performed valuable and inspirational work in the field of military history preservation in the interests of the IHMHPS.
     Anyone may bring such individuals to the attention of the President of the IHMHPS and nominate them for the award.


      The International Hungarian Military History Preservation Society’s Badge of Honour has been instituted as a token of gratitude for IHMHPS members, honorary members and non-members alike. A great deal of voluntary work is so often overlooked and undervalued, however, it is the intention of the IHMHPS to always ensure that exemplary dedication to the preservation of Hungarian military history, and to our organisation, is properly acknowledged.
The insignia is the traditional díszjelvény, or badge of honour – a large version of an organization’s emblem, signifying outstanding merit and dedication.
      The IHMHPS Badge of Honour is awarded to members of the organization who consistently go out of their way to actively participate in the preservation of Hungarian military history by supporting the IHMHPS, involving themselves with our activities and working on our projects. Non-members who are involved with similar activities and associations which cooperate and promote the IHMHPS, who distinguish themselves by particular dedication, are also eligible to receive the badge.
      Each badge is backed, in Hungarian military fashion, by a piece of coloured cloth – red for IHMHPS leadership, white for IHMHPS members, and green for non-members.



     This 2014-2018 commemorative insignia is a modernized version of the Hungarian Frontline Fighters’ Association Kivonulási Emlékérem (Commemorative Parade Medal). Designed by Peter Czink, the legendary Hungarian turul bird has been replaced with a representation of its wings, which now also symbolize those of an angel. The sword is inverted, as the fighters who we are remembering have long ago laid their swords to sleep. Front and centre is the IHMHPS 2014-2018 emblem signifying the society’s commitment to the preservation of military history and the celebration of the First World War centenary.
     The IHMHPS 2014-2018 Commemorative Badge is a 5cm tall pin-back insignia, worn on the right breast. It comes in one grade only. It is only be available through financial contribution to the IHMHPS. There is no minimum donation for IHMHPS members, however, non-members may also acquire the badge for a $50.00 donation.
     The 2014-2018 centenary is very significant – especially to historians, enthusiasts, and collectors who passionately deal with military history on a regular basis. The IHMHPS 2014-2018 Commemorative Badge is a fitting tribute, and will become a precious memento of our commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the First World War.


     The International Hungarian Military History Preservation Society Membership Badge was inspired by that of the old Frontline Fighters’ Association – a combination of the original “1914-1918” insignia, the mysterious "Új Front" ("New Front") badge, and elements from the new organization.  The badge, worn by members in good standing, is 1.7cm x 2.7cm. Originally in plain silver finish (above left), the badge currently issued is gold with red, white and green enamel (above right).


     The IHMHPS Re-Enactor Badge was instituted in 2008.  It is awarded to IHMHPS members are involved with World War I and World War II Hungarian or Austro-Hungarian historical re-enactment, and who have put together at least one complete, authentic (original or replica) military uniform that they can wear to accurately represent a Hungarian or Austro-Hungarian combatant.  The badge is 8.5cm wide, and is hand-embroidered gold and silver bullion thread on grass green wool backing.


     The MHBK Gold and Silver Medals of Merit were instituted in 2004.  Both medals are of the same design, and feature the insignia of the MHBK and the words  (For Service to Comrades) on their obverse, and Magyar Harcosok Bajtársi Közössége (Hungarian Veterans’ Association) above a sword and wreath on their reverse.  MHBK members, honorary members and non-members are eligible for the medals of merit, awarded for exemplary service to the MHBK or in the interest of the organization, and were issued by the MHBK Vancouver Chapter until 2008.


     The MHBK Vancouver Chapter 1956 Commemorative was instituted in 2006, on the 50th anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution.  It was designed by Peter Czink, and is made of bronze.  The reverse will be identical to that of the MHBK Medal of Merit (Magyar Harcosok Bajtársi Közössége above a sword and wreath), but the obverse features the revolutionary Hungarian coat-of-arms, the dates 1956 and 2006, A Forradalom Emlékére (In Commemoration of the Revolution) above, and MHBK Vancouveri Csoport below.  It hangs from a traditional 40mm wide ribbon, with equal stripes of red, white and green (representing both the Hungarian and Canadian national colours).  This medal was not only a commemorative one. Its purpose was also to symbolize and thank each recipient’s dedication to the remembrance of the Uprising, and the support of the MHBK Vancouver Chapter.  It was awarded to MHBK Vancouver Chapter members, honorary members and non-members who took active part in any of the aspects of the MHBK Vancouver Chapter’s 1956-2006 commemoration projects; contributed artifacts (by donation or loan), unique information, or services; donated significant financial contributions, or who were outspoken and helpful in their support for any of these projects.