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RISE UP! The 1956 Hungarian RevolutionRISE UP! The 1956 Hungarian Revolution


     This publication was made for the 50th anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Uprising in Vancouver, BC, Canada by Hungarian military history experts. It is one of the few English language, unbiased and objective works on the revolution. Academically acclaimed and very readable and informative, this is a very good introduction to all aspects of the conflict.
     Soft cover black and white (with color covers) 64 page 8 ½” x 11” publication. Profusely illustrated with photos and diagrams – contents includes: a chronology of the revolution, details on major personalities, personal reminiscences from participants in the uprising, symbols and insignia, the National Guard, period headlines, the role of Radio Free Europe, the AVH secret police, combat information, and how the world saw the conflict. A useful and accurate overview of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. $10.00 plus postage.

German War Russian PeaceGerman War Russian Peace

GERMAN WAR – RUSSIAN PEACE The Hungarian Tragedy by Antal Ullein-Reviczky
English language edition the wartime memoirs of Antal Ullein-Reviczky,
first published in 1947 as Guerre Allemande - Paix Russe Le Drame Hongrois.

     Ancient states are tempered through trial and adversity, and among these glorious nations Hungary remains a steadfast, glittering gem. A thousand years of introspection has yielded many heroes, and among them rests one of Hungary’s most forward thinking and sensitive citizens – Dr. Antal Ullein-Reviczky. His uniquely Hungarian story not only paints a poignant picture of his beloved homeland embroiled in 20th century conflict, it eloquently expresses the universal desire to protect and  preserve what is most precious to us – liberty and security, for all human kind.
      Ullein-Reviczky’s influential life was particularly rich and diverse, yet he also represents a broader segment of society, those significant contributors to the betterment of humanity who seem to be overlooked.  He was a key figure in Hungary during the Regency Period, and like many others, he is neither universally known, nor are his contributions fully appreciated in the non-Hungarian speaking world. His remarkable career deserves closer study – the man embodied a kind of sensitive heroism that never goes out of fashion, and is so necessary to every generation. The new edition of his memoirs, German War - Russian Peace, will bring to light this remarkable visionary’s ideals to the English speaking world. German War – Russian Peace, meticulously translated by the great man’s daughter Lovice, is essential reading for anyone interested in the history of the 20th century. Hardcover $55.00. Available from